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Gimme the phone! April 11, 2012

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So, Grandma got Baby P a toy, and she asked me if I remembered having it too:

And, yes, I do! But as I watched Baby P try to make sense out of the toy, I realized that OF COURSE she wouldn’t know what the heck it is, she’s never seen a rotary phone! In fact, I can’t remember the last time I even saw a rotary phone…probably on Mad Men? Which made me think, WHY is the toy manufacturer still making this toy? Is it just the Grandma-toy-purchase market they are going after? That target market is in decline if you know what I mean…

Some one also gave me a hand-me-down, and I laughed it was so big! Love the fake antenna detail.

But we know what kids really want to play with today…your iPhone!  With the flashing screen, noises, timer, apps, etc., it’s really a one-stop shop for toys.  Whenever Baby P sees it, she doesn’t put it to her ear like a phone – she grabs it and starts tapping the screen.  I bought this iPhone case, but it didn’t really work out for me.

By the time I was able to put the phone in and lock it, the baby was having a tantrum cause she wanted the toy.  And it doesn’t stop them from tapping the screen so they can easily veer away from the carefully curated selection of developmentally-appropriate apps you have spent time researching and downloading. Oh, you just picked a few free ones? Yeah, me too…

For now, I just try to hide it away when possible and distract her from other toys.  I think there are some toys that babies can play with now which have the tactile, sensory features needed to develop young minds (wooden blocks anyone?) I’m trying to avoid learning like this: The video goes on too long but you get the point, yes the iPhone/iPad can help kids learn.  Right now, I’ll try and distract her with old fashioned things like books and stuffed animals.  But I can imagine a day when we’ll need to buy Baby P her own iPhone, just to be able to use ours!


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