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House #2 Revamp: Bathroom 1 April 12, 2012

And on to the bathroom…by FAR the worst room of the lot.


YUK!!! Avocado green everywhere.  We all know avocado is good for you, but the old adage of “everything within reason” is a keeper.  Dirty CARPET in the bathroom! Dark room and grungy tiling.  Talk about Fugly!  I took one look – the room looked big – shut the door and ran away.


So, we got to work immediately. I wanted this GONE, cuz I wasn’t about to use it!  It’s a very old house so there aren’t any windows in this room, and therefore I wanted to make it as light & bright as possible.  Green isn’t a bad color for the bathroom, so we used a less avocado-y tone.  We put in a rolltop bath and shower, and bought an antique dresser which I had retrofitted for sinks.

I (literally) mirrored the beveled mirror inset of the dresser and had a custom mirror made to sit on top of the dresser – although I think it’s hard to see the bevel in the picture.  I just called up a mirror & glass store and got a quote, easy peasy.  We put tongue and groove paneling around the rest of the bathroom to finish off the Modern/Victorian feel.

Although I did love the look of them, the square sinks are difficult to use and clean…lots of toothpaste bits that didn’t go down the drain properly. Ewwww.




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