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Food Stylin’ April 14, 2012

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I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some Food & Drink Photo Shoots over the course of my career (just to be clear; it’s not over yet!). Glamorous, it’s not. Think of sitting in a room, pouring and re-pouring a drink until the ice glistens “just right” and you have the preferred amount of carbonation.

Or worse, filming video outside in LA’s hot weather until just the right amount of milk swirls and adds “movement” to the shot.

Actually, I really like these kinds of shoots. They just take some TIIMMME, that’s all. It’s always more fun when you can work with great people – on that shoot it was with a great food photographer and fab food stylist (she does these amazing cupcakes!)

I also once held a steamer above a bowl of clam pasta for hours, because we needed a picture that looked like the dish was “straight from the kitchen”. Ouch.

Who knew that there was even a “For Dummies” book available? Maybe I should read it to learn easier ways to take pics of steam!

Anyhoo, I had a what I refer to as a “Working Girl” moment…there are lots of posts about Sensory Bags on Pinterest + some cool styling pics for kids foods = I went to work on some sensory fun for my little one, Baby P.*

I  chopped up some cherries, sweet potato and banana,

while she went to work on re-organizing the cupboard.

I normally don’t let Baby P have sweets but I was more interested in a safe (and edible) sensory experience. I don’t get all these suggestions of having kids play with shaving cream, when the first thing Baby P does is put it in her mouth. So I laid them on a bed of whipped cream.

Please note I AM NOT a food stylist or professional photographer. If I get it in focus that’s a bonus.

Looks like she had a fun time eating the food and then playing with the cream, no?  And the best part – remove the highchair tray and voila! Easy cleanup.

I also got excited and put together a Kids Party Tray for our Superbowl Party…here was the before shot.  Never got an ‘after’ cuz i was too busy watching the ads!

*If you have not seen Working Girl a gazillion times by now, do it!  BEST.MOVIE.EVER. Ok, that and Princess Bride. 


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