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Dear Men, please leave Pinterest to us girls. Thanks. May 30, 2012

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Dear Male Facebook Friends,*
You’re following me on Pinterest?  Really?  I mean, umm, ok….but actually,uh, no!  Pinterest is a girls’ playland, full of wedding dresses and cute puppies and pictures of babies in tutus.  Is this really where you belong?  I know,  I know,  Pinterest is the latest Social Media Phenomenon and you had to see what it’s all about.  But now that you’ve requested – and waited for – the invite, don’t you see what I mean?  Really, us gals don’t want to see pics of Joe Namath in the 80s or Land Rovers or Men’s shoes.  Most of you guys don’t even have multiple pinboards!  Hrrrrmph.  Let us get back to looking at pictures of crafts we’ll never have time to make, recipes that don’t work and signs that say “I never finish anyth

*Except Gay Male Friends. Some of you have interesting pins and are actually funny! Except for my friend M who is taking a pic of all of his coffees…erm, not so much.


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