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House #1 Revamp: Kitchen May 30, 2012

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Our first house was a little townhouse (not very wide, but long), and a major fixer upper.  The kitchen was a very small room with a bedroom* next to it on the ground floor.  So we knocked down that wall and combined the two to make a larger kitchen.

Here was the kitchen initially.  Blue walls, a sink unit and fridge on one wall and an oven and a couple of cupboards from the 1950’s on the other.  Dirty linoleum floors.

Here’s a pic of it during demolition. You can see the wall where the sink unit is, and how small the kitchen was.  We have support posts up here until we could put in a proper support beam.  There’s a side shot, and then a face-on shot where you can see the remainder of the dividing wall on the floor!


So we used the ‘bedroom’ to house a U-shaped kitchen with breakfast bar.  Had a mosaic tiled backsplash on top of the countertops, and a stainless steel backsplash behind the stove.  The opposite wall had the same layout as before:  refrigerator and a double cabinet for extra storage (but I can’t seem to to find a pic of that wall!).  The wall with the window also had a frosted glass door to the backyard.


For our first home renovation, I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

*technically it was a bedroom but I think it would only have fit a single mattress and not much else! Called a boxroom in the UK.


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