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Tea and Jubilee June 9, 2012

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So, a friend is having a tea party for our little girls so I wanted to bake something.  I also wanted to do something British, especially in light of the recent Queen’s Jubliee.  I was inspired by these cute teabag-shaped  cookies but the website was in French and just to give you an example of how bad Google Translate is, it called them “Tea Boogies.”  So I took their tutorial with a grain of sel and made it up as I went along.

My first mistake was to actually try to make up a cookie batter.  I mean, they make prepared cookie batter for a reason!  I definitely prefer to keep the actual cooking to a minimum and spend my time coloring or frosting…but I digress.  So, did you know that even if you have the same ingredients in the bowl, if you don’t add them in specifically as the recipe says then they probably won’t bake well?   Well, I was aware of this phenomenon but I just had to do a comparison.  Ok, I got distracted doing a first batch so I did them again.  Tasted the same, but the first one definitely would not have baked well!

Anyway, my second mistake (easily corrected) was thinking that I actually had a retangular cookie cutter in the house.  I mean, puh-lease!  So I took a look at the grocery store (nope) and settled on, well, you’ll see it below – a little plastic red wagon.  Yes, I did clean it before use!

So I just made these little shapes and then snipped off the edges.  Put them on a greased pan and then used a straw to poke a hole in the top.  Best to make a decent size hole, it makes it easier to put the string or ribbon through.  Unless you just love squinting your eyes when threading a needle…same thing.

The fun part was making the “labels.”  That’s where the Jubilee part came in.  I found some cute images on the interweb and sized them to about a 1/2″ and then mirrored the image.    I folded them in half, threaded the thread through the hole and then used a glue stick to seal them together.  Kinda cute, huh?

I decided to not dip them in chocolate as per the example – I had already spent waaay too much time on these – but it would be a nice touch.   A couple of hours is my patience limit.  And my kitchen couldn’t have gotten any dirtier anyway!