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A very Tartan Wedding August 16, 2012

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Here’s a Tartan color palatte for ya…held in Aberdeen, Scotland


Patriotic Cake Trials May 30, 2012

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Let’s just start with no, I am not a chef by any standard. I mean, I get dinner on the table but just barely.  So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m even less of a baker. But, I figure I might as well start getting some practice in for all the Bake Sales I’ll have in my future. (Ok we’re a  few years out, but…)

So, I wanted to try making a pretty multilayered cake.  And an easy one at that, I mean, who has all day for this stuff?  I really like all the ombre stuff we see floating around, and I liked this rather patriotic one that looked easy to frost.

I didn’t have a fancy bundt pan so I kinda did my own thing, which can either result in culinary genius or just some extra leftovers for the dog.  This one worked out ok though. Simple tutorial:

1. I used a box vanilla cake mix.  Divided it into 3 bowls and added food coloring.  I only had 2 x9″ pans so I baked 2 first and then let the pan cool down and did the 3rd cake.  I didn’t think the 3rd would take as long to bake as having 2 pans in the oven, but what do I know.

2. The irony is that I forgot to spray Pam on my 1st 2 cakes and they came out ok, but I sprayed it on my Blue cake and it fell to pieces…go figure.  So I had to stick the blue layer in the middle.  I cooled the cakes and then stuck them in the freezer for a bit, because, ya know, that’s what you’re supposed to do.  I guess it makes frosting easier?  Anyway, in the UK they often make a white cake with strawberry jam in between the layers and so I thought that might be tasty.

3. I thought I divided the frosting into thirds (1/3 per color) but either I didn’t or it wasn’t enough.  So I would suggest at least 1/2 is white, as you don’t need as much of the other two colors that you ‘fling on’.  I was a little heavy-handed with the blue but got my act together with the red frosting.  Put some strawberries around the side to hide the fact that my white frosting was running out.


4. Et Voila! Some dessert for dinner which took no time at all. Got a lot of nice comments and it was yummy and not burnt!