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Oh, the places you’ll go! August 14, 2012

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A Dr Seuss 1st birthday party!

My daughter’s 1st birthday was a joint one with one of her (boy) friends H, so the red and turquoise theme worked well for both of them.  H’s grandmother is a school teacher, so we had lots of Dr Seuss characters to use as props.  I used a plastic picnic tablecloth and some wrapping paper to decorate.  We had a rather random buffet out, from savory foods to an ice cream buffet.  I also made some cards with Seuss quotes on them to scatter around, and a highchair banner for my little one.

I of course had to get her some cute outfits, and found the tutu and headband set on Etsy.  Also found the cute turquoise one-piece on Etsy but can’t find the link.

We set up a plain photo backdrop and had lots of props for guest to use…got some really cute photos that way!

I saw some wonderful cake ideas out there, but the reality is my 1 year old wasn’t really going to eat it.  So H’s mom made 2 yummy organic carrot cakes and we made cupcakes for everyone else.  I found inspiration for the cupcakes online (Pinterest wasn’t around a year ago, at least for me!), but decided NOT to use cotton candy as the hair…too many examples of FAILs online already.   However, I had my own fail in store…in the rush to prepare they were the last thing to get done (while guests were arriving!) so the frosting was not as nice as I would have preferred.  The frosting wasn’t thick enough.  But they tasted good!

…And now for the CRAFT FAIL portion of the day…

I saw some cute ribbon topiaries on Etsy for $30 each and I thought, heck, I can do that myself!  So I wanted to make 2, to flank the door.  And to top it all off I decided to through in a wreath.  A topiary tutorial is here, and the wreath is basically the same thing.   Let me tell you, these things are labor intensive and expensive!  First, you want to have ribbons of different colors and sizes…ka-ching.  Next, you have to cut them all into smallish strips.  Bor-ing.  Then, you have to glue them together and pin them in.  Ouch!  End result?  The ribbons kept coming loose so not only did I have bald spots on my creations,  I had sewing pins scattered around my house during my child’s birthday party! NICE.  {And my husband would add, now they are taking up space in the basement because I refuse to through them away since I spent sooo much time on them!} 

Needless to say, not something I care to repeat.   Think I’ll just have to reign myself in next year at NOT take Dr. Seuss’s advice:


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